Friday, December 22, 2006

Dumb and Dumber

What is wrong with these people? I don't mean the Marines now being investigated for Murder... I'm talking about the press. Journalistic malfeasance just doesn't get much worse than this. Three major news websites - The New York Times, Fox News, and CNN show conflicting reports on the number of Marines in question. So please tell me, what's the story? Marines gone berserk, or the Mainstream Media gone totally bonkers, and this time just flagrantly getting it wrong all at the same time?
Even more disturbing, if you had visited last night, you would have read that 24 Marines were arrested. Later in the evening, the Times cut the number to 8 Marines, and now the number sits at 4 (well, for the NY Times it sits at 4... for now).

It's only a matter of time before the New York Times, CNN, and FOX trigger an International incident due to faulty reporting. Media outrage at the Danish Mohamed cartoons has already vindicated the easily offended Muslim community, who seem to have somehow become the protectors of political correctness.
We should all ask ourselves... if the biggest players in the media, with the most money behind their organizations can't get the simple facts right, what hope do they have of hitting the mark when it really counts?

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