Monday, July 16, 2007

Pejorative In The Extreme

Thank you to Pat Dollard and Newsbusters for posting about Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez' shameful piece about all the "pawns" who join the U.S. military.

As I commented on Pat Dollard's Blog:

I’m writing a letter to the editor, this is obscene.

Presently, I am in the process of applying to Marine Corps Officer Candidate School. This has been a lengthy, informed decision on my part, one which I take very seriously.

As for Steve Lopez, he should remove his oversized foot from his oversized mouth. I consider myself just the opposite of uninformed. I closely follow the news, particularly regarding the war on terror, Iraq, etc., and I Blog about the war. I’m fully aware of the dangers we face from Islamic extremism at home and abroad.

Lopez’ suggestion that anyone who joins the military is basically ignorant is a smack in the face to hundreds of thousands of service men and women and their families risking their lives for our freedom.

It seems to me that Lopez is the ignorant one; ignorant of the wolf growling at the door (to quote Toby Keith), ignorant of so many Americans’ love of their country, and ignorant to think that any of his readers would take the incendiary comments he has made lying down.

When I graduate from OCS, if I make it though, God willing, I’ll be writing Lopez a colorful love poem that he can hang up in his cubicle for his co-workers to see.

But first, I think I’ll write a letter to the editor at the L.A. Times.

Thanks for posting this, Pat.

Nick Brunetti-Lihach

Here is what Lopez' nephew wrote to him, in response to his uncle's objections:

"What I want for my life is to stand above the majority," he wrote. "I believe in honor, discipline and courage…. I wish to be bigger than myself, to be a part of something more — something important and significant…. I hope that you will understand my reasons for this decision and will continue to support me."

This is a principled, thoughtful response from someone being accused of being "uninformed." Lopez should consider himself lucky his nephew is so cordial and polite. It takes great will power to calmly respond to someone who questions your motives and integrity.

This excerpt from Lopez struck a chord with me... because I had read Dr. Sanity's diagnosis of this condition [Narcissus Running Wild], as well as Michael Ledeen's previous analysis:

My sister came to support her son's courage and patriotism despite her fears. But as his departure approached, both she and my mother sank into states of serious depression that required treatment.


I don't see enlistment as a well-informed choice but as a product of manipulation.

I'm thinking about the seductive recruiting posters I saw in the office at Hemet High School when I visited for a column about three grads who'd been killed in the war.

This goes right to the point. His nephew's enlistment isn't only about his nephew's welfare, it's about Lopez' mental health, and that of his sister. Clearly, the only way to rationalize such behavior is to conclude his nephew is being "manipulated." Bullshit.

I am in the final stages of my application to OCS. If I pass the PFT and get approved by the Board, I'll be given the choice to earn a commission with the United States Marines. It is physically and mentally impossible for an individual to proceed down this road without serious contemplation regarding the consequences of this choice.

During this time that I've been preparing for OCS, a number of friends have given me their opinions as to why I should not enter the Marines. The list was obvious: "There's a war on," "Do you want to get killed?" "Do you want to fight for Bush?" "You have so many other options," "You won't be the same person," etc.

However, none of my friends or family questioned my beliefs or reasoning. They understand that if I become a Marine, it will be for the right reasons for me. Patriotism, Honor, Courage, Duty, Experience, Leadership, Challenge, and... I'm not gonna lie - a big F. U. to Reid, Murtha, Pelosi, and all the other pusillanimous politicians who have publicly stated their willful desire to lose the war on terror.

Mr. Lopez should consider publishing an apology to his nephew, the Marine Corps, and all military service members and their families.

If men such as Mr. Lopez' nephew don't stand up to fight this threat, then who will?

Ductus Exemplo

Update: baldilocks links to this post, and talks about a Fundamental Disconnect.

Update: Michael in MI is disgusted that soldiers are derided as "manipulated schmucks."

Update: Gateway Pundit links the LA Times story to a general media call for surrender.

Update: Jawa Report calls it an insult to even suggest that people in the military are stupid.


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Thank you for your willingness to defend this great nation. We are a better country because of people like you, regardless of what the LA Times thinks.

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Thankfully the nephew is smarter and quite a bit more courageous than the uncle...

One has to remember that libtard Lopez has a track record that Patterico's Pontifications has tracked...

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